Built on a robust and secure foundation

“WordPress was born out of a desire for an elegant, well-architectured personal publishing system” ~ WordPress

Initially launched in 2001, WordPress took the internet by storm engaging users in a platform providing ease-of-use and access in every way. Now catering to 18.9% of the world’s websites (approx 37 million) WordPress has made an impact and is definitely here to stay. With over 29 000 plugins currently available ready and prepared to alter and enhance existing websites, your living on a platform that’s catered to, maintained and reinforced daily by millions of developers.

Built for speed

We conduct full auditing of a site prior to launch across multiple platforms to ensure your website receives the quality it deserves. Website optimisation is the process of ensuring every aspect of your website is constructed based on efficiency and speed. This ranges from image optimisation, utilising content delivery networks, appropriate scaling of images, website caching and much more. We optimise every aspect of the site possible to ensure your website loads as fast as possible without comprising on image quality.

Designed to adapt to any device.

Mobile responsive websites are no longer a feature they’re simply a must have in this day and age. 51% of all digital ad budgets in the recent years were spent on mobile. Providing an experience for users that flows smoothly on any device is something critical for a company and website. It’s the baseline of an effective website and every site we build is built “mobile first.” This effectively means that we build for mobile and the desktop comes last. We use responsive tools such as Apple’s simulator as well as multiple phones and devices to effectively test and ensure a smooth experience across all areas.

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