Will I be able to make changes to my site?

Yes. We believe a client should have full control and ability to make changes to the site that is rightfully theirs. Our sites are built using Wordpress and are constructed in a way that provides you with full control and access to every element within your site. In addition, we provide functionality that will allow you to continue building out your site in accordance with the design provided so you will no longer require to call us for changes. We believe the project should start as yours and should always remain that way. We will always be available to provide future changes and functionality should you require.

Do you offer web hosting services?

We do not. Web Development agencies, companies and freelancers usually resell hosting services at a higher than that of which a hosting provider would offer. This we see as a lack of service as they cannot and do not take responsibility for downtime, outages or blackouts. We can and will happily provide recommendations for hosting providers and services or set up a hosting provider in your name and have you pay directly using your credit card. As a courtesy, we are happy to monitor the service and provide reminders when hosting or domain services are required for renewal.

What are your payment terms?

At the project initialisation, we require a one-third deposit. The second third is due at design approval and sign off. At which point we will begin the development phase and continue until deployment at which point the final payment will be requested or 30 days from after final testing begins. If your project is conducted on a time and materials basis we will require an initial deposit of $1300 (about 20 hours).

Are your prices flat rate or time and materials?

That depends on you and what your needs are. We're happy to accommodate both but both depend on specific circumstances. If you stick to the timeline and project scope (requirements and functionality provided by the project) we can guarantee that the price quoted will be the price we charge. On the other side if you would like more flexibility and freedom in regards to collecting materials,  providing copy and making changes and adjustments to the design, development and functionality process we are happy to work on a time and materials basis with you.

Why should we hire JDCreations?

We started JDCreations with you in mind. We don't outsource any of our services and through having strong and successful careers in computer programming, graphic design and customer service we understand that the relationship with you is paramount and more so a reputation built on quality of work, communication and reliability is key to ensuring the experience for both you and our team is exactly what people should expect in the digital industry. We have your future in our hands and are relentless in attaining the exact needs to ensure your investment is worth it.

How long does it take to build a site?

From the initial stage to completion and live deployment can be a process of 3 - 6 weeks and sometimes more.  A project timeline depends on how extensive the project is and what the scope and requirements are. This process can be made quicker by having relevant imagery, content and copy ready and provided in order to follow a smooth process of deployment. A standard content site can be completed within 3 to 6 weeks. Allowing 2 weeks for design, 2 weeks for development and allowing the extra space for design review and an assessment of your experience with the project and any relevant changes you would like made.

What do websites cost?

Pricing depends on many factors around what's required within the project. Things that can influence this are if your project will require online selling, how extensive your content becomes, what your needs are in order to scale your project long-term. The easiest way to gain an understanding is to get in touch on our contact page. Our contact page asks you a few questions and asks for a brief description of your project. We will gain a reasonable idea of what your project requirements and needs are and are happy to provide an assessment of what the cost would potentially be, further questions can easily be followed up to gain more clarification.